The Journey to Becoming a Better Version of Oneself

Gifts and Talents: Top Secret or Worthy of Sharing?

Have you ever thought about the talents or gifts that make you unique? In case you’re sitting there scratching your head thinking “what is this woman asking me?” I’m talking about those things that come naturally to you. Cooking, fixing a car, playing an instrument, growing plants, or solving word puzzles are examples of some things that people do with ease. For those of you who know me personally, cooking isn’t one of my gifts…but you get the idea.

Now what happens to those gifts when you can no longer do them? When you become frail or even pass away?

Someone who I loved dearly passed away unexpectedly and took those unique talents and gifts with her. In addition to grief, I was left to find a way to imitate/recreate how she did the things that made me smile. In this particular instance, she took with her those treasured recipes and craft secrets that had been passed down from family members.

Recently I asked someone for the recipe of a tasty dish. The person said “There is no recipe, I just make it.” I just shook my head and walked away, because someday that treasured recipe will be gone and no one will be able to recreate it. I think that is a terrible shame. We already live in a disposable society, why do we treat our talents and gifts as disposable too?

What if we each set aside a little time to share what comes naturally to us with someone who could benefit? If you are good with cars, find someone who doesn’t have that talent and teach them how to change a tire, check oil levels and tire pressures. If there is a treasured family recipe, take the time to measure when you are preparing that dish and write it down, including the steps for assembling it. As with many things that we do naturally, a list of the parts, pieces, or ingredients is helpful, but how they are assembled is what creates the treasured item.

I can imaging that some readers are thinking “That’s a great idea but who has that kind of time? I’m working 50-hours a week, raising children, going to night school.” Scheduling time to do what I am talking about will take some effort, but think about how you could make a difference in the life of someone else. I’m not talking strangers, although that WOULD be cool too, just look at your inner circle. Who has showed interest in something you have been doing? Let them watch, then teach them a few things each time they watch.

Tinkering With Success is about becoming a better version of oneself. Sharing something that comes naturally to you will help someone else grow. Then, when you CAN’T anymore, someone else can keep your gifts and talents alive. They may change the method a bit, but through their efforts you live on. Now that’s what I call a unique gift. Pass it on.



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  1. Patti

    Very true and so important to share❣👍

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