Hi there!  Thanks for stopping by.

I started this blog to become a better writer. My inspiration to pursue writing came from a former student who was writing and I loved reading her posts. Through her writing I could see that she was having fun and I wanted to have that kind of fun.

The content for this blog will be about my journey to becoming a better version of myself. I want to know that TODAY I tried to learn something new, experience the world in a different way or make a difference in the life of at least one other being. The truth is that many days I am better than I was yesterday, but there are also days when I struggle. On those hard days I often find myself becoming frustrated, eating poorly and saying or thinking something that I regret.

I am human. There are moments when I am freaking awesome. I also have those times when I really need to go back to bed and start the day over. My self-talk is a mix of positive and negative thoughts, and sometimes it is really humorous. I’m that person who will share the silly, embarrassing story as a way of connecting with others.

These posts are written so that I can process the journey to becoming a better version of myself. Perhaps you will find inspiration in my words. Feel free to leave a comment. After all, Tinkering With Success is more fun when friends join in.

Becky Tinker